Charlotte Algie Quantum States I: Molecular Plane

QSI: Molecular Plane, Newmark Gallery ArtOMI, 2019

QSII: Molecular destiny - 2019



Charlotte Algie City of multiple states - 2017



Charlotte Algie
                            Project for A Private Foundation in Central Bohemia - 2017



Charlotte Algie 36S - 2017


NBO - 2015


'Making Sense' - 2012
Things have to make sense in Germany. So for WS2011-2012 (students and I) did some tests using tools that simulate sensible forces like wind and sun to make some new forms.


Charlotte Algie; Domus
Handle It - For Domus, Vitra Age Friendly Ideas


Volatile Domain Concept Sketch

Volatile Domain Plan
'Volatile Domain' - 2011




'Project for Huts, Gunya' -2010



The Last Frontier Overview Charlotte Algie

'The Last Frontier, Berlin' - 2010



threshold methodologies

Threshold Methodologies VENICE

Threshold Methodologies VENICE

'Threshold Methodologies for a prototypical urban context'
Austrian Pavillion, Biennale di Venezia 2010




Brownfields Detroit

'Brownfields: Institutional participation in urban regeneration' - 2007


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